Accommodation Aboard The Christina O

Luxury Yacht Accommodation

Accommodation on the Christina O yacht.

Accommodation on the Christina O yacht.

The pride of the Christina O yacht. This suite is situated on the bridge deck and comprises three rooms – a spacious bedroom, bathroom and study – totaling approximately 678 square feet. THis suite will provide the ultimate luxury yacht accommodation coupled with panoramic ocean views. The bedroom features include a king-size bed covered in Venetian linens, custom-made furniture from fashionable Milan, together with Onassis’ original Baccarat crystal wall lights. The wood-paneled study boasts the original onyx fireplace, fine leather furniture together with hand-made Austrian lamps as well as a writing desk featuring silver-embossed stationery.

The bathroom, which comes complete with double sinks and bathtub with a luxurious six-headed massage shower, also boasts original rare marble finishes. The Onassis Suite also offers three large walk-in closets, two surround sound stereo systems together with DVD and CD players and televisions.

Each stateroom (17 in total), which range in size from 150 and 236 square feet, is named after one of the Greek Isles. Each stateroom comes with either a double bed or two twin-sized beds also adorned in fine Venetian linens, seating area with antique prints of the Greek Islands, mirrored walk-in closets, surround sound systems (equipped with DVD and CD players) as well as panoramic views of the sea. The bathrooms also boast six-headed massage showers. There are 10 Staterooms situated on the main deck and an additional 7 on the cabin deck.

The Aris Bar is arguably the most famous spot on board the Christina O, and is where John F. Kennedy first met Sir Winston Churchill in 1957. Located on the main deck, the finely detailed bar contains such decor as barrels and sea chests, whaling harpoons as well as an illustrated walled map of the world. The circular bar itself was originally crafted from timbers of a Spanish Galleon, and was expertly wound and binded with sailing rope and adorned with footrests and handholds of expertly carved whales’ teeth. The bar features a glass top over a lighted relief of the sea, and depicts the development of ships through time with small model ships whcih can be moved around by tiny magnets. The barstools also happen to be covered in whale foreskin, an hilarious fact that Onassis took great delight in telling his guests.

The Lapis Lounge owes its name to the lapis lazuli fireplace, a focal point of the room and located on the main deck. This is also reportedly where Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor once relaxed and frolicked during their marriage. The lounge is adorned with bookshelves which surround the fireplace and are filled with rare volumes and tomes. The lounge also boasts valuable art pieces including a Renoir, Le Corbusier and a de Chirico.

The Atrium is surrounded by a majestic spiral staircase highlighted by an onyx and silver handrails. It is located on the main deck of the yacht and serves to connect the three cabin decks. A mural provides a finish to the surrounding wall and a central mosaic with the Christina Yachting emblem adorns the Atrium floor.

The spa comprises half the promenade deck, and comes with a fitness center, a massage room, sports lounge together with a beauty salon as well as the always popular Jacuzzi Deck, fitted with a large Jacuzzi, and an open air Champagne bar for those blustery Summer nights.

The main dining room situated on the main deck can easily accommodate up to 40 guests, and features decorative hand-finished tables, Venetian lace tablecloths, Waterford glassware, Ercuis silverware and a tastefully sunken marble floor.

The Christina O library comes filled with books from around the world which are published in several languages. It serves to provide guests with a place to read some of the rare volumes or work at one of the two desks located on the promenade deck

The Music Callas lounge on the main deck features a grand piano, Italian furniture by Giorgetti and Maria Callas memorabilia including her sole gold record.

The Show Lounge comes equipped with a presentation platform, Giorgetti furniture, and huge bay windows offering panoramic views of the sea. The Show Lounge also houses several video equipment and a stereo system for movies and presentations.

The childrens’s playroom serves as an ideal spot for kids to convene and offers a selection of toys for their amusement.

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